BlackRock Revolving Door Methodology

BlackRock revolving door data was compiled from an analysis of publicly available sources such as LinkedIn profiles, BlackRock news releases, news sources, and government agency data. It is not intended to be a comprehensive resource, but instead as an evolving, data gathering project to give the public a sense of the scale of revolving door relationships between government agencies and BlackRock.

Our analysts compiled the data by searching for online profiles in which the term “BlackRock” occurred with terms indicating government service or positions at central banks such as “White House”, “Federal Reserve”, “Securities and Exchange Commission”, or “HM Treasury.” Analysts also included searches for several administrative, independent and GSE positions such as “Commodity Futures Trading Commission”, “Fannie Mae”, or “Freddie Mac.”

In as many instances as possible, analysts verified the years of employment using publicly available resources such as LinkedIn, although in some cases, a definitive start date/end date could not be verified. In those cases, the record shows “N/A” for information that is “not available.”  The “source url” field in the dataset identifies the best available source of information our analysts could find to verify a revolving door move.

Analysts identified individuals who were either employees of U.S. or foreign governments, central banks, legislative bodies, or government sponsored enterprises (GSEs). The analysis included:

Direct Moves: An employee or official moving directly from a government, central bank or GSE position to a BlackRock position or vice versa. A move was considered a “direct” move if the person’s LinkedIn profile did not list an interim position or significant time gap between jobs.

Indirect Moves: Employee or official held an interim position before joining BlackRock or moving from BlackRock to a position with a government, central bank, or GSE.

Federal appointments to boards and commissions: Includes appointments to advisory boards at the U.S. Treasury, Commodity Futures Trading Commission, and others.

Intern positions at either BlackRock or in governments, GSEs or central banks were excluded from the analysis.

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