BlackRock Meetings with Government Officials Methodology

As part of our effort to document BlackRock’s influence, our analysts compiled a database of every meeting or phone call they could find between BlackRock employees and government, central bank, or government sponsored enterprise (GSE) officials. The database was compiled primarily through open records requests and meeting calendars of key government officials in the U.S. and elsewhere.

The database is not intended to be a comprehensive resource and likely does not include many BlackRock meetings or phone calls with officials not released to the public.

In each case, the meeting or phone call between BlackRock and a government or central bank official includes a link to the source, most often calendars of key central bank and government officials.

The dataset also draws from meeting records released by the White House from the beginning of President Obama’s term through December 2016. While a few online sources including the Obama White House Visitor Records page memorialized those meetings in a searchable database, many of the sites are now offline. However, we have uploaded all of the records to To access the data, you will first need to create a free account here:

The BlackRock meeting data does not include any meetings between BlackRock officials and the White House, as the Trump Administration discontinued the Obama White House policy of releasing visitor logs to the public. Several organizations, including ProPublica and have sued the Trump Administration to release visitor data to the public.  If and when such data becomes available, we will update our records to include any meetings between BlackRock and Trump White House officials.

We invite you to explore the data and share with us any insights or observations you gather from the data for potential future stories.