Public Records

The BlackRock Transparency Project is working to compile in one place as many useful documents as possible that demonstrate BlackRock’s extraordinary influence, power and connections to global policy makers. If you have documents you’d like us to add to the collection, please contact us. And if you find anything in the documents that we haven’t reported or that you think deserves more attention, let us know by tweeting it with the hashtag #TheBlackRockPapers. We will be adding to our collection frequently, so please check back here often.

BlackRock/Public Officials’ Meeting Calendars

State Department View

Federal Reserve Bank of New York • View

Federal Deposit Insurance CorporationView

Sheila Bair • View

Martin Gruenberg • View

Federal Reserve Bank View

Tim Geithner • View

William Dudley • View

Department of Treasury View

Henry Paulson • View

Tim Geithner • View

Jack Lew • View

BlackRock/BlackRock Employees

Philipp Hildebrand Emails • View

BlackRock and Greek Central Bank Emails • View

Cheryl Mills BlackRock Recusal • View